Soccer Manager

The world's first virtual soccer & online manager world is now available to download and play 100% free on your PC NOW!

Competing alongside thousands of other human controlled players, it is up to you to guide your character from a 'nobody' to an International Superstar. Train in the gym to become stronger and faster, be seen in the right places to become more famous and most importantly, play the hardest you can when it comes to match time. Your team mates are real, and they will be depending on you.

If playing isn't your thing, why not take part in the most innovative management game ever created? Football Superstars allows you to form your own team, hire real life staff and players, decide on the starting line-up and decide tactics before taking on another real world human team. No longer is it just points to play for, your pride and soccer management skills are being put on the line in this completely revolutionary soccer management game.

Registering, downloading and playing is all 100% free... what are you waiting for?

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