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Superstar Management has moved!

Superstar Management can now be found in game! Instead of having to log out of the game in order to train your character, you will now be able to access this from your tool bar. This includes contracts and all training types. So what are you waiting for?!

Character rename and retraining will still be managed via the My Account section of the website.

Character Rename
Character Retrain

All change...

As well as consolidating your training by bringing it all into the game, we've also improved the membership benefits! Free training sessions, which had proved frustrating for players who missed out on them due to not being able to check in each and every day, have now been replaced with extra points from all positional training sessions as well as extended contract duration.

So now you will able to reap the full benefits of your membership level even if you're away from the game for a few days.