Football MMO RPG

Enjoy the trappings of wealth, fame and the joy of the beautiful game with Football Superstars, the world's first football MMORPG.

You take on the role of an up and coming footballer and it is down to you to carve your legend. Hone your skills on the pitch in fully PVP matches, and then enjoy the life of a true football superstar in the beautiful 3D world.

However, in order to become a true legend you need to make sure that everyone knows you name. As such you'll need to impress the reporters who are all looking for a scoop on the next big thing as well as getting your face seen in all the right bars, and wearing only the most stylish of gear.

What's best is that you can download and play the game totally free! Sign up today to take your first steps on the way to being a true football legend.

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