Fantasy Football

Disappointed in the performance of your fantasy football online team? Then it's time to take matters into your own hands. In Football Superstars, the world's first football MMO, you can show what it means to be a true football legend.

No longer will you suffer from poor management and flakey players. In Football Superstars you are in control. You will control your character on and off the pitch, carving a footballing legend and then reaping the benefits of being a superstar in the beautiful 3D world.

As well as being a star player, you can also manage your own club. You will be responsible for signing players and coaching the squad, turning them into the best in the league. Each one of your team members will be another player and they will look to you to lead them to glory and riches.

To top it all off, you can download and start playing today, totally free! Sign up today and carve out your own footballing legend.

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