Tournaments – D3 OL Nov15

Division 3 - Open League

13 Nov 2015

for division 3 players only.

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5 a side / 20 mins

Not derby mode!

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Sign ups for this tournament are now closed.

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Core details

Status Complete
Tournament name D3 OL Nov15
Date of first fixtures 13 Nov 2015 19:00
Type Run by Cybersports
Format League
Use `Competitive Mode` ? 0
`Competitive Mode` level 0
Signup type Team signup
Match windows 50
Team size 5
Match duration 20
Fixtures to show 100
Results to show 100
URL of microsite D3 OL Nov15

Extra info

Tournament rules Standard OL Rules Please do not signup if you don't have an active PMC. You should never signup if you don't have at least 6 players in your team and have not played at least 1 PMC match of the same type -7 aside if the tournament is 7aside. All reward
Tournament prizes No Prize
Tournament sponsor No Sponsor

D3 Only

09 Nov 2015 13:02

This is for D3 players only.


09 Nov 2015 13:03

Prizes will be announced here before the kick off day.


13 Nov 2015 15:57

30k FSC to one of the teams that's played at least 8 matches. (Winner will be decided with a draw)

Future OLs

13 Nov 2015 16:00

If a team plays less than 6 matches or found to be avoiding matches, they will be banned from future OLs.