Leaderboard - Season 111, week 4, day -16


Season 14 Jul 2017 to 11 Aug 2017

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3 - United Kingdom United Kingdom         

Rank Name Score
1 Saffy 210730
2 Danazz 125984
3 Alaba 112989
4 Wright 109785
5 Predict 97161
6 Toorree 79368
7 Redway 74964
8 Porphyria 72594
9 Chatt 68349
10 Fabreezian 65573

Top Countries

Rank Country Flag
3United Kingdom
8United States of America

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No players meet the qualification criteria


No players meet the qualification criteria

Seasonal Leaderboard Description

This Leaderboard shows the top forwards, midfielders and defenders for the season.

In order to appear on the seasonal leaderboard you must complete at least 5 matches per week during the season.

Players starting in the middle of a season can still be entered providing they play at least 5 games per week for the rest of the season AND the total game played in the season is at least 20.

A player wishing to qualify in week 2 will need to play 10 matches in that week, and 5 more matches in week 3 and 4. A player qualifying in week 3 would have to play 15 that week and then a further 5 in week 4, etc.

How are the scores calculated?

Individual scores are based on the performance of the player in each zone of the pitch. 3 zones are considered for 5-a-side play, and 10 zones are active for 7-a-side and 11-a-side.

A further modifier is applied based on the overall team results from each match.


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